Cable Label's shrinkable tubes are designed to strengthen charging cables to protect them from breaking and giving generic cables identity. Never again will you get left with other peoples broken, turtlenecked and frayed chargers. 

Customer satisfaction is the very reason Cable Label's was created in the first place. Since launch in 2015, while I was still at university, customers have described our product as being a "relief", an "effective and well designed product" and an "excellent solution to an annoying problem". Join the many that are already saving their cables and join us on our journey.

We are on a mission to protect all charging cables around the world!  

How Do I Apply My Cable Label's Tube?

It's so simple and it won't take long! 

1) Slide the tube over your charger

2) Heat using a standard hairdryer until the tube has fully shrunk tight

3) Leave to set for 10 minuets

... watch the video!